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How Nearly Any Company Can Advertise with Apps

When business owners think of online advertising, most immediately assume that they should simply build a website and be done with it.  While establishing an online presence for your business is crucial, if you’re not targeting the mobile market you will be missing the mark entirely. 

Yes, all websites should be mobile-responsive, but that is a discussion for another day.  We’re talking about the use of Apps to get your message in front of both current and potential customers.

Smartphone usage is through the roof right now, and there are no signs of the trend slowing.  A recent Gallup survey determined that nearly three-quarters of Americans are checking their mobile phones at least once per hour. 

On top of this, almost 90% of mobile phone usage is now devoted to using Apps.  As a consequence, mobile Apps have become a key marketing tool for businesses to engage with customers, facilitate transactions, and communicate promotions.  Here are several ways that your company can advertise using Apps.


ComScore ranks the top mobile Apps each year by unique visitors, and it’s no surprise that the top App, by a wide margin, was Facebook (number 3 on the list was the Facebook Messenger App).  More than 70 percent of smartphone users employ this App, and it is perfect for small business advertising.  Businesses can create Mobile Facebook Ads that display products, special offers, and other relevant calls to action.  Ads can be targeted to very specific demographics and for nearly any budget.


Of the top ten mobile Apps, five are owned by Google.  These are YouTube, Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps, and Gmail.  If you have been advertising in Adwords, you are already halfway there.  Allowing Google to match your ad to apps in the Display Network will open up these new marketing channels.

3rd Party App Advertising

Perhaps you have heard of some of the popular 3rd Party Apps, such as Candy Crush or Spotify.  It is possible that, through placing ads on the Facebook, Google, or Apple iOS networks, your ads can be displayed on some of these popular Apps as well.  If you choose to participate in this, however, you’ll want to be sure that your audience is sufficiently targeted.

Proprietary Apps

It is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all types and sizes to create their own proprietary Apps.  An App for your business is another fun way to solidify your brand and provide value to customers.   With your own business App, you can:

  • Reach new customers and strengthen relationships with current clients.
  • Showcase products and services, as well as give special deals to end users.
  • Earn money by creating a mobile e-commerce solution.
  • Schedule meetings, appointments, reservations, or troubleshoot issues with customers.

While a proprietary App may not be perfect for every business, there are many more who would benefit from the technology than wouldn’t.  Creating an App isn’t as difficult and costly as it was just a few years ago, either.  There are companies that specialize in developing Apps for small business partners, and the returns can easily justify the expense.  Once your App is developed, Google will be anxious to help you optimize it and monetize it with its successful AdMob program.

As Apps continue to get more attention in the digital marketplace, the search engines have taken notice.  Google is now streaming certain Apps and search results are displaying some app-only content.  This has implications for businesses that develop their own Apps to secure an additional spot in search results for their business name.  As the mobile market continues to evolve, the ways to leverage Apps for small business advertising will as well.

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